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Solutions for added efficiency

Our services pursue a single objective: to commit to your company, providing specific and high-quality solutions aimed at making it more productive, profitable and competitive.

Servicios a empresas

What solutions do we offer?

Temporary work

The most flexible and effective way of managing your company’s human resources.

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We carry out and add value to support tasks so your company can focus on its business.

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Personnel selection

We find the most qualified people for every job.

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We advise and implement customised training actions to make your company more competitive.

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Human resources consulting

We advise your company on organisation and training to improve its performance and profitability.

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Labour services

We manage your company’s human resources to make it much more profitable.

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Cleaning services

We offer cleaning solutions adapted to your company’s needs.

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Employment agency

We seek the best fit between the profiles of job seekers and the needs of the job market.

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Nor’Integra Specialised Employment Centre

We promote the workplace integration of people at risk of social exclusion through providing services.

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Fundación Nortempo

Nortempo Foundation

We train people at risk of social exclusion for the jobs currently in highest demand.

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“We work with Nortempo because of the quality of its services, its competitive prices and its extensive experience in the transport and logistics sector.”

José Antonio Orozco
Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Grupo Azkar