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Conditions of Use

Confidentiality and security are core values of GRUPO NORTEMPO and, as a result, we assume the commitment to guarantee User privacy at all times, and will not collect unnecessary information.

Cabecera legal

With a view to protecting the correct operation of the blog and taking into consideration that it is impossible to control the information, content and opinions that may be published by users, certain behaviour is classed as abusive and may result in the user account of the person responsible either being temporarily suspended or permanently removed.

Generally speaking, content that may be considered unlawful, illegal, immoral, inappropriate or against the public order shall not be published. The user agrees that he/she will not publish, send via email or provide any content for unlawful purposes or on any grounds that infringe the applicable law or regulations, or that in any way harm the rights and interests of third parties. Furthermore, the user hereby accepts that this blog shall not be used for personal purposes or any objectives other than those for which it was created. Any such behaviour shall be considered abusive. By way of example, the following types of behaviour shall be considered abusive: 

  • Misappropriation of intellectual property rights belonging to third parties or other property or contractual rights,
  • Behaviour that is inconsistent with the correct technical and computer system operations of the website and that may damage and impede the normal use of services,
  • Failure to respect conditions of registration and access to the blog (creating several accounts for the same purpose, simulating the opinions of different people, impersonating others, publishing irrelevant content or that has no relation to the purpose of the blog, etc.),
  • Promotion or endorsement of own or third-party professional services or companies or undertaking commercial, advertising or marketing campaigns,
  • Defamation, slander, offence, insult or disparagement of any user or third party, in addition to making comments or providing data that are false, inaccurate, deceitful or fraudulent,
  • Collection, use or dissemination of data, including personal data, on other users without their consent or that affect their privacy.

Failure to comply with the conditions of use may result in the user’s account being blocked, the offensive text being deleted and/or edited and the appropriate measures being taken and claims being filed under Spanish and European law.

With a view to improving the service and minimising problems, NORTEMPO may amend or update the conditions of use without prior warning. As a result, NORTEMPO reserves the right to refuse to publish content or information posted by users of our blog that it believes infringes the blog’s conditions of use.  

The USER hereby acknowledges that he/she has understood all the information concerning the blog’s conditions of use, recognises that they are adequate for excluding errors therein and, therefore, fully and expressly accepts them.

Limitation of liability

Despite having taken all the precautions, NORTEMPO is unable to guarantee the accuracy, precision and reliability of all information published or that it does not contain errors or omissions. NORTEMPO shall not assume any responsibility deriving from, or that may derive from, the use of information, content, scores, opinions and comments published on the blog by users.

Therefore, opinions published on the blog shall belong to their corresponding authors. NORTEMPO shall not assume any responsibility concerning any kind of information and content that may be accessed via the blog that is provided by third parties and, in particular, for damages of any kind linked thereto or that may be generated by: (i) the lack or deficiency of information provided by users, or its accuracy, precision, reliability and sufficiency; (ii) the breach of intellectual and industrial property rights, the undertaking of acts of unfair competition or unlawful advertising; (iii) the breach of data protection and professional secrecy law in addition to the rights to honour, personal and family privacy and self-image, and (iv) generally speaking, the breach of any applicable law, custom or code of conduct.