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Labour integration for all

Together, we can change the world. We are committed to employability and working for the labour inclusion of persons with cognitive, sensory and motor disabilities or who are at risk of social exclusion.

Integración laboral, diversidad y discapacidad

We ensure your compliance with the Spanish General Law for Persons with Disabilities (LGD in its Spanish initials)

Being in work is essential for self-realisation and full integration in society. This notion lies at the heart of our labour insertion strategy for the disabled, elderly or those at risk of social exclusion. We will ensure you comply with Spain’s General Law for Persons with Disabilities (LGD in its Spanish initials) and connect you with the most talented candidates. Diversity brings great rewards for our organisations and is one of the key benefits of the labour strategies that Nortempo is firmly committed to.

Nor’Integra – our special job centre

Our labour integration project allows companies with 50 or more employees to comply with Spain’s General Law for Persons with Disabilities (LGD in its Spanish initials) which stipulates a 2% reserve quota for disabled workers. Our special job centre Nor’Integra will help you to meet this requirement.

Nortempo Foundation

The Nortempo Foundation will draw up your personalised corporate social responsibility plan. We deploy all our expertise and know-how in preparing people at risk of social exclusion for integration on the labour market. Our personnel have the necessary skills to work in auxiliary services, logistics and distribution, control and reception services.

The benefits of diversity and integrating persons with disabilities into your company

Compliance with Spain’s General Law for Persons with Disabilities (LGD in its Spanish initials) is mandatory. It guarantees the rights of these groups to equal opportunities and treatment by promoting their inclusion. Your company will avoid any undesirable infractions regarding the hiring of persons with disabilities, although there are also alternative measures.

Integracion laboral ley de discapacidad

Nortempo will help you comply with the law in both cases. Nor’Integra and the Nortempo Foundation will provide you with a number of options: a “supply contract” with our special job centre; donations and sponsorship of labour insertion activities for disabled persons; or supported employment.

There are other advantages for companies that employ persons with diverse capabilities. There is a series of tax benefits for hiring disabled workers that vary in accordance with the degree of disability, age and sex. There are also deductions on National Insurance contributions.

However, we can assure you that the social and workplace environment benefits are far more satisfying.

Finding a job is a key part of social integration. Hiring workers with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion shows that your company puts talent, not prejudice first. A major boost for your reputation as a brand and employer.

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