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HR consultancy services

We will help you make the most of your employees’ talent through Grupo Clave, our HR consultancy and personnel selection company. Let our team offer you their expert advice and start changing your world.

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We are your HR consultancy company

We provide integral human resource management solutions. How? By tailoring our actions to your company’s strategic objectives, channelling all our efforts into boosting your staff’s productivity. Guaranteeing satisfied and happy workers makes for an efficient and committed team. With our HR consultancy services, YOU will get your world moving.

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Your external HR consultants

We know that it is not always possible to have your own HR department. Nortempo and its company Grupo Clave will take on this role at highly competitive rates. Outsource this area, place your trust in our experienced team and leave all the paperwork involved in new hires, leaving staff or training courses to us.

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Strategic HR consultancy services for your company

We analyse your company’s needs, come up with a plan and put it into action. We will provide full advice at each stage: selection, recruitment, hiring and training. We conduct performance appraisals and draw up remuneration and talent retention policies.

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What kind of HR solutions can we deliver?

  • Performance appraisals
  • Outplacement
  • Implementation of HR management systems
  • Remuneration plans
  • Working environment
  • Equality plans

Our HR consultants’ functions

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Your team is crucial for the success of your company. As HR consultants, our task is to create motivated teams that operate smoothly. How do we do it? We handle your employees’ performance appraisal, improving their performance and increasing their skills and abilities. You can also leave your recruitment and selection processes up to us. We find the best talent for you.

Happy workers are productive workers. And a good working environment will boost performance, which is why we work to create an environment that will get the best out of your team, encouraging their development and training. In order to do this, we also draw up and introduce the right remuneration and equality plans. Together, we will ensure your team fully identifies with your business project.

Nortempo and Grupo Clave offer a full range of training courses for companies; we also have a large temporary employee database; we can handle the externalisation of any department; and in the event of restructuring and redundancy processes, we can guarantee the efficient outplacement of your staff in other companies.

Let us take care of your HR department.

Other HR services for businesses

Personnel selection

We know you and the profiles and candidates that are best suited to your company. Our job is to capture and select them for you through our job placement service.

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Training for companies

The business world is changing and we’re here to help you capture the professionals you need. We create personalised training plans.

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Temporary employment services

Need solutions for a peak in your workload? We’ve got the answer you need and the very best temporary professionals.

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Outsourcing and subcontracting

Production models undergo constant changes. We can outsource your processes, providing technology and workforce solutions.

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Labour services

Labour law is highly complex and constantly changing. Let us help you out. We can also provide legal and labour advice and assistance.

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Disability and diversity

Socially responsible companies always top corporate rankings. Take your social commitment to the next level. And do it with us.

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