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Human resources consulting

Grupo Clave, our specialised consulting division, advises companies on managing and developing human resources to help improve their performance.

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What do we provide companies with?

Advice and management

Together with our clients, we advise and manage the all human resource processes that must be aligned with the company strategy, in order to improve productivity, increase worker performance and optimise human resource processes.


Together with our clients, we create people development projects aligned with the company’s strategic objectives in order to adapt to market demands and get more involvement and performance from workers.


We collaborate closely with the Labour Services area to perform analysis and provide advice on all processes related to our clients’ human resources policies.

“The experience has been highly satisfactory. We launched a new concept of ‘HR outsourcing as a professionalisation tool’ and Grupo Clave was able to understand and develop it.”

Pablo García-Gascó
President of Isidro de la Cal Group

What solutions do we offer?

Human Resources Management

  • Selection and evaluation of executives and middle managers.
  • Design of organisational charts and job descriptions.
  • Change Management Processes.

Human Resources Development

  • Generating training and development plans.
  • Implementation of career plans.
  • Implementation of Human Resources management systems.
  • Development of Human Resources marketing strategies.


  • Design of organisational structures.
  • Human Resources auditing.