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Nortempo Foundation

The Nortempo Foundation develops and carries out actions, projects and programmes aimed at training and advising people at risk of social exclusion in order to improve their employability and facilitate their integration into the workforce.

Cabecera Fundación Nortempo

What do we provide people?


Our Training Centre develops programmes adapted to the needs of companies, training people for the positions currently in highest demand.


We develop programmes to support the creation and consolidation of SMEs, providing advice, oversight and initiatives monitoring for people interested in self-employment and starting companies.

What do we provide companies with?


We hire, train and select qualified workers from the disadvantaged populations we work with.

Labour intermediation

We facilitate the search for workers, putting them in contact with companies and advising both sides on the necessary steps for hiring.


We advise companies on developing and implementing equality plans to prevent gender-based workplace discrimination.


We help define and implement corporate social responsibility plans as well as non-discriminatory hiring practices with the most disadvantaged populations.