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Your outsourcing company

Outsourcing industrial, logistic or commercial services contributes added value, making your company more competitive, flexible and productive.

Outsourcing de servicios de empresa

Outsourcing industrial and logistic processes

Cutting costs is always one of the key reasons for outsourcing. It improves efficiency and scales, reduces outlay on human resources and third party experience, ensuring better prices. Here at Nortempo, we are also convinced that outsourcing, subcontracting and externalisation are ideal solutions for injecting added value and talent into the company, and an excellent way of studying new markets and opportunities. We have the best outsourcing services for your company.

Here are just a few of the services we provide in this area:

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Outsourcing for logistics

Externalising logistics and the supply chain enables companies to align warehouse and transport costs with business growth, as the cost of outsourcing solutions will rise and fall in accordance with the services used.

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Outsourcing for industry

We offer industrial outsourcing solutions tailored to boost efficiency, productivity and flexibility. For each project, we always study the best way to contribute added value.

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Outsourcing for the hospitality industry

We have long-standing experience in outsourcing services for tourism and the hospitality industry, as well as in facility services: cleaning, reception, concierge and portering services; access controls and facility maintenance, etc.

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Outsourcing for sales
& marketing

We assist our customers to sell more and better. We select the best professionals in the industry, we train, manage and motivate them, in order to offer the best team to meet the sales objectives set.

The benefits of outsourcing for companies

Externalizar costes fijos de empresa

Outsourcing turns facility, HR and system fixed costs into variable costs.

We deliver externalisation services with the capacity to generate value, improving your productivity and flexibility, whilst at the same time optimising work processes and HR management. We apply the most appropriate technology to ensure ongoing improvements to the standard of service provided. Find out how we can help boost your productivity by outsourcing your industrial, logistic and hospitality industry processes. Optimise your resource through the efficient management of your business processes.

Outsourcing, subcontracting or externalising business services is a trump card for companies, enabling them to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Release resources that will enable you to focus your efforts on new challenges and goals. You set the objectives, and we will take care of the processes necessary to achieve them.

Other HR services for companies

Personnel selection

Need to find a specialised engineer urgently? Leave the selection of your professionals to us.

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Courses for businesses

The world is changing and we’re here to help you update the skills of your professionals. We design and deliver personalised training courses for companies.

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HR consultancy services

We will handle all your HR needs and plan the HR management system your company needs.

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Temporary employment services

Combine your company’s outsourcing initiatives with hiring temporary employees. Our job placement database has everything you need.

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Labour services for companies

We are specialists in externalising labour services and providing legal advice for companies.

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Disability and diversity

We will help you with the incorporation of disabled workers into your company and the correct compliance with Spain’s General Law for Persons with Disabilities (LGD in its Spanish initials).

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