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Personnel selection

We carry out a complete search, evaluation and recruitment process that allows us to find the best qualified individuals to fill a particular post with absolute assurance.

Empresa de Selección de personal

What do we provide companies with?


We study and analyse the main tasks and responsibilities of the post to be filled, as well as the knowledge, competencies and skilled required for success.


After analysing the post, we use the results to draw up a list of the criteria that candidates must fulfil to get the job and we determine the best instruments for selecting the right person.


Candidates are classified based on the quality of their knowledge, skills, competencies, experience, personality traits and other factors considered key for the job in question.

“What sets Nortempo apart is its knowledge of the sector, its ability to provide prompt responses and a flexibility that allows us to make quick decisions.”

Miguel Hernández
Labour Relations and Compensation Manager of Maersk Spain