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HR personnel selection company

We have precisely the piece you need to perfect your team. We will locate and select the professionals that will accompany you on your venture. Nortempo guarantees an efficient and thorough personnel selection process that will guarantee the right candidate every time.

Empresa de Selección de personal

Nortempo is your personnel selection company. The HR specialist

We’ll help you bring together the best talent for your organisation. We work closely with you and apply cutting-edge personnel selection techniques in order to identify the ideal candidate. You set the pace for the incorporation process, and we’ll take care of the rest. The process includes defining the profile in line with the vacancy, conducting a global search, assessing the candidates and drawing up a shortlist with the best options. We will also offer advice for your final decision. Your goals are ours too!

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Personnel selection for projects

Launching a start-up? Planning a business venture? Need to bring together a new team for an in-house project? Nortempo will help you capture the very best professionals.

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Personnel selection for senior and middle managers

Leadership and effective management are the key to the success of any business. We analyse your real needs and help you to strengthen your management and control team. Our expert head-hunters will work closely with you in order to spot and attract candidates that stand out for their expertise, as well as their total commitment and belief in your company’s vision and values.

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Assessment Center

Our team will assess the skills and competences of a number of candidates in order to select the one that best fits the job description. This process is used particularly in internal promotion or selection processes.

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Personnel selection for Sales

The sales and retail team are the first voice and image of your company. Our personnel selection specialists will ensure that only the very best professionals form part of your team.

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Personnel selection for Industry and Logistics

We are experts in personnel selection for specialised maintenance, logistics and industrial processes. You can trust Nortempo to meet your needs in these areas.

Selecting the right candidates for your company

Subcontratar la seleccion de personal

Human capital is your organisation’s most important asset. It’s your differential value, and investing time and effort into selecting talent that is fully in line with your business vision is therefore crucial.

Our recommendation is for you to place your trust in us. Nortempo is a company with more than 25 years’ experience and an in-depth insight into the labour market. Selecting a candidate for a specific post of responsibility requires an expert in human resources.

One of our strengths as HR specialists is our extensive database that includes a portfolio of skilled profiles, candidates of proven experience and professionalism. We contribute added value to our company thanks to our headhunting services, crucial for boosting your competitiveness by selecting rapidly and effectively senior and middle managers, as well as the profiles you need and that are in short supply on the labour market.

Our technological capacity enables us to rapidly mobilise all these profiles during our personnel selection processes.

The first step is to analyse the needs of your company, your projects and existing staff. Our HR professionals will propose areas for improvement and the best candidates to fill any gaps. We provide cutting-edge selection, interview, test and analysis instruments. We contribute the experience of a leading HR group. We help you get YOUR world moving.

The perfect complements for our personnel selection services

Courses for your employees

Even the most experienced staff need ongoing training. Update their skills and competences with our courses and ensure optimum performance levels.

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The best HR services

Not only do we select the candidates that meet your needs, we also handle all the associated administrative procedures. A 360º service.

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Temporary employment agency

We deliver a fast and effective service. If you have urgent temporary employment requirements, then we’re the partner you need.

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Outsourcing is the ideal solution for one-off situations that require a boost in productivity. An alternative and integral service included in our service portfolio.

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Labour services for your business

Handling legal and labour issues requires specialised professionals. You can count on us. Count on Nortempo.

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Labour integration

We contribute added value to your company through the integration of people with functional diversity or at risk of social exclusion.

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“For many years now, Nortempo has been a trusted partner for the selection and incorporation of profiles related to the world of industry. In fact, we consider it practically part of Cosentino. We have a consolidated relationship built on communication and the successful achievement of our objectives.”

Celia Sánchez Villanueva Talent Acquisition Specialist at Cosentino