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Temporary work

Our personalised temporary work solutions enable flexible and effective human resources management for your company, strengthening it and making it much more competitive.

Empresa ETT

What do we provide companies with?


We have a comprehensive and extensive database that we constantly update and assess, and use to select, train and hire the professionals who best fit the specific needs of each project


Our team works with the latest technological tools that have been specially designed to ensure that our clients’ tasks and processes are managed promptly and effectively.


Fixed costs become variable costs, hours contracted match hours worked, staff overtime work is regulated, and workplace absenteeism is managed and controlled.


Immediate access to trained workers to attend to any temporary situation (production increase, holidays, leaves, etc.) and avoid having an oversized staff. Moreover, contractual transparency with employees reduces labour disputes.


Our extensive experience in managing temporary work has enabled us to create specialised divisions in hospitality-tourism, the canning and frozen food industry, and audiovisual production.

“The quality of Nortempo’s services allows us to strengthen our commitment to stable employment. It provides qualified professionals who add value to the final product.”

José Sierra
Director General of UROVESA