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At Nortempo training we know that teams are a long-term competitive advantage for companies, which is why we apply all our experience and know-how to personalised training.

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What do we provide companies with?


We believe training to be an essential key to having employees who are better prepared to contribute to organisations’ competitiveness and value. That is why it is so important for training to become an integral part of productive processes.


We study the training needs of each client both generally across areas and departments and in a more individualised manner with company personnel. This allows us to gain a first-hand understanding of the motivations that set training actions into motion.


No two companies are alike, which is why our courses are specific to each client. We generate the content, schedule, follow-up and tracking of training actions, adapting our tools and methods to the needs and reality of your business.


We promote new training elements, tools and topics, continually updating and innovating to offer the best solutions to each client.

“Nortempo has been our top and main provider of human resources since our industrial beginnings. We especially value how it perfectly adapts to its clients and their market.”

Rubén Chousa
Director General of Grupo Ingapan