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Cleaning, maintenance and customer services

We are the facility services company you need. Mantelnor offers technical advice on the design of a plan tailored to cater for your needs and also provides cleaning, gardening, supply and auxiliary services.

Cabecera facility services

We design and deliver general services for companies

Mantelnor boasts a team of skilled professionals with expertise in delivering general and auxiliary services Background research is the key to our success. We study your requirements and tailor our offer to your real needs. We can provide the global maintenance of your facilities, offices and premises, gardening, supply management, technical consultancy and auxiliary services, as well as disinfection, rodent and pest control services.

Our principal facility services

We carry out integral disinfection programmes in schools, hospitals, industry and offices, which are essential in the fight against COVID-19. Our facility services company provides cleaning, management and maintenance advisory services. We design integral plans guaranteed to keep all your facilities in perfect working order and spotlessly clean. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your company’s greatest assets – its workers and customers – enjoy a safe and disinfected environment.

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Cleaning and maintenance services

We are specialists in preparing schools and large facilities, as well as cleaning services for industry and the health sector. We also provide disinfection and technical cleaning services.

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Facility maintenance

We design and apply preventive maintenance plans and guarantee strict compliance thanks to the use of the right professionals and state-of-the-art technologies.

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Gardening and landscaping services

Caring for nature is a source of immense satisfaction for us. Your garden will be a focal point of attraction thanks to our maintenance and care for green spaces.

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Technical consultancy services for companies

Not sure about which general service you require? We will advise you on cleaning, supply requirements and machinery, as well as the fight against COVID-19.

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Auxiliary management services

Concierge, reception, public information, access control and maintenance staff all play a key role to ensuring your business runs smoothly. We have the best professionals in these areas.

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Disinfection, pest and rodent control services

Disinfecting spaces has become a vital part of the fight against the coronavirus. We also provide pest and rodent control services, and supply sanitising products, waste containers and bacteriostatic agents.

The specialists in COVID-19 disinfection, maintenance and cleaning

Desinfeccion profesional covid 19 para empresas

Facing the challenges posed by coronavirus is essential for companies to be able to continue with their everyday business. It requires tackling tasks such as the correct disinfection of facilities, staff access controls, supplying containers for medical material, PPE for your workers and the design of specific prevention plans.

Mantelnor, your specialist in COVID-19 disinfection, will take care of all this.

We conduct a study of your company and your requirements. Based on the results, we then apply an action, cleaning and disinfection protocol that guarantees a safe working environment.

We also create training plans to fight the coronavirus. Our aim is to raise awareness and provide clear instructions on how to act in the event of a suspected positive or asymptomatic case.

COVID-19 prevention is more than just a question of health; it also provides peace of mind for workers and their families and therefore today, consultancy services for cleaning and maintenance actions are vital.

In addition to our facility services, we offer companies the following solutions

Skills-based personnel selection

We analyse the skills and capabilities of the profiles included on our databases in order to find the ideal candidate for your company.

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Courses for your company

We design and deliver all types of courses and training in cleaning, hygiene and safety. We can organise courses in the specific areas your staff requires.

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HR consultancy services

As HR consultants, we align ourselves with your goals and make them our own. We will provide you with all the support you need, leaving you free to focus fully on your business activity.

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Temporary employment

Hiring temporary workers gives you the flexibility you need under specific circumstances. An unexpected vacancy? Workers on leave? We’ll deliver effective and immediate solutions.

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We offer outsourcing services to complement your needs. We are the partner you’re looking for.

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Externalised labour services

Boost your competitiveness by externalising your labour and legal services with us, leaving you free to focus on your core business activity.

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Labour integration services

We will work with you to get the world moving for persons with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. We are experts in compliance with Spain’s General Law for Persons with Disabilities.

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“Nortempo delivers first class solutions in real time. We have found a professional partner of the highest standard that offers experience, expertise and a sound structure. “

Bruno Ávila Head of Maintenance at Vegalsa-Eroski