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Cleaning services

Through Mantelnor Cleaning we offer companies an integral service that includes procedures, teams and specific material resources as needed depending on the facilities and the tasks to be performed.

Cabecera facility services

What do we provide companies with?


We carry out and oversee the service, making continuous quality checks for assessment, self-regulating and achieving maximum performance.


We audit, analyse and assess the facilities using the best methods and tools, and oversee the service to ensure the best results.


We have trained and experienced professionals, material resources with proven effectiveness, and advanced technological resources.


Our long experience in this area has allowed us to develop specific structures for specialised service provision in industrial cleaning and cleaning of common areas.

“Nortempo provides real-time response with maximum quality. We have found them to be a rigorous and professional parter, with experience and a solid structure.”

Bruno Ávila
Head of Maintenance at Vegalsa-Eroski

What solutions do we offer?

Industrial cleaning

  • Maintenance cleaning in the food sector: canning industry, and manufacturers of frozen, meat and dairy products and by-products.
  • Maintenance cleaning in factories and logistics/distributions centres.
  • Integral cleaning of facilities.
  • Cleaning during technical shutdowns.

Cleaning of commercial areas, transit areas and buildings

  • Cleaning of shopping and entertainment centres.
  • Cleaning of supermarkets and superstores.
  • Cleaning of transit areas.
  • Maintenance cleaning of buildings and offices.
  • Cleaning of construction sites.
  • Window cleaning.