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Externalised labour services

We provide integral HR management services. All our clients value our efficiency and professionalism. We provide legal services for companies, labour and wage audits and HR administration. We can be of great help to you.

Externalizar servicios laborales de empresa

100% reliable quality labour services

Our mission is to help you get your world moving and successfully meet the challenges you face. We will be your partners throughout this process, taking responsibility for all those areas outside your core business. With more than 25 years’ experience in labour advice and consultancy, we offer first class fast and efficient services that guarantee solutions for your legal and payroll management needs. The global administration of your human resources enables us to boost your profitability.

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Human resource administration (payroll management)

We are your HR department. We will handle your organisation’s recruitment procedures, payroll management, social security contributions, income tax and e-signatures. We facilitate employee-company interaction through our Employee Portal, and set up a Balanced Scorecard to bring the HR strategy in line with that of your organisation.

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You will be advised by lawyers and experts in Labour Law. Our legal services include negotiating agreements on your behalf, and we will also assist and represent you in the courts or before the Labour Inspectorate. We will be your legal partner and will also assist with taking decisions aimed at preventing potential problems for the future.

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We provide help and advice on preventing and resolving labour disputes. We will advise you on business restructuring plans; remote work and working hours; occupational risk prevention and workplace accidents; remuneration systems; individual dismissals and modification of terms and conditions; work contracts. We will also keep you informed of all modifications to regulations and legislation in this area.

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Collective bargaining

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in business and sector collective bargaining. If you need to consider or apply a furlough action or collective monitoring in your company, or negotiate a new collective agreement, we can provide all the help and advice you need. We can also mediate in relations with workers’ legal representatives.

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Due Diligence in the workplace

Labour legislation is highly complex and subject to constant change. However, keeping up-to-date is essential in order to comply fully with the law. We analyse your company’s actions in order to ensure that it is in line with the current situation, conducting labour and wage audits.

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If you need us, we will represent you and defend your interests before labour tribunals and courts for contentious and administrative proceedings. We will also assist you before the Social Security and Labour Inspectorates.

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We draw up internal protocols that will help you to systematise your company’s actions in the event of labour and sexual harassment; digital disconnection and the use of IT; maternity protection and COVID-19 prevention.

The benefits of externalised labour services

Externalizacion de costes laborales en empresa

You will agree with us that labour demands on companies are experiencing a sharp hike. A trend that is not limited to human resources. In this sense, Nortempo offers integral consultancy and administrative solutions. We’re talking related labour services.

Our expertise in this area enables us to offer you advice and take on tasks for which you may lack the means and the right professional resources. We will take full charge of administering your human resources. Our specialised legal team is on hand to advise you on legal and labour issues, and also to represent you should it prove necessary.

Other HR services for companies

Personnel recruitment (HR)

Do you have one or more vacancies? We will analyse the job profile to identify whether you already have the perfect candidate within your organisation. If this is not the case, there’s no need to worry; we will find just the professional you need.

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We offer personalised training. We design a global plan combined with actions aimed at improving your workers’ performance.

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HR consultancy services

We work with you on the creation of a personalised system that fits in perfectly with your HR needs. Our consultancy services will guarantee your growth through talent management.

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Temporary employment agency

Our job placement database features a wide range of profiles. Remember us whenever you are faced with a temporary peak in activity.

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Externalising not only saves you money; it also makes your processes more efficient. Nortempo is a sure bet when it comes to optimising your capacity and productivity levels.

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Diversity and disability

Focusing on diversity and disability is one of the services that generates the greatest degree of satisfaction for us. Trust us. We’ll help make those stereotypes a thing of the past.

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