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Labour services

Our specialised labour services division Grupo Clave provides companies with integral human resources management, helping them improve their productivity and profitability.

Externalizar servicios laborales de empresa

What do we provide companies with?


We take over the integral management of a department, freeing the company from tasks related to human resources management and administration, labour law and occupational health and safety, recruiting, hiring and training.


We work in partnership with companies, getting involved, committing ourselves and aligning with their strategic objectives to improve their balance sheet.


We analyse and assess the characteristics of each company, proposing unique and specialised solutions that adapt to their philosophy, policies and business culture.


Our qualified multidisciplinary staff includes Human Resources Development consultants, Human Resources Administration technicians, attorneys specialised in Labour Law, and Occupational Health and Safety technicians.


Our solutions help reduce absenteeism at work and the cost of the human resources department, transforming fixed costs into variable costs, eliminating indirect and passive costs, reducing direct costs and optimising process costs.


Our know-how has led renowned companies with between 50 and 500 workers to trust us as their human resources consultants.

“Grupo Clave Labour Services and Feiraco work together with that spirit of cooperation companies need to strengthen their productive fabric, especially in today’s atmosphere of economic recovery in which solid, effective and efficient synergies are necessary.”

José Luis Antuña
Director General of Feiraco

What solutions do we offer?

Human resources administration

  • Integral management of the human resources area: salary process, social security and hiring.

Occupational Safety and Health

  • OSH consulting.
  • Management and reduction of absenteeism.
  • Collaboration with and control of external prevention services.

Legal-Labour Services

  • Legal-Labour Consulting.
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements.
  • Representation and defence against SMAC (Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service) and work inspections.
  • Representation and defence against labour-related lawsuits.


  • Development of contractual and remuneration policies.
  • Human Resources auditing.Humanos.